Men’s Belt Guide | Belt for men the ultimate guide

Plate Style Buckle: This type of buckle is usually paired with detachable snap belts. It is referred to as straps without buckles. This plate is usually decorated. This type of belt is worn by cowboys and bikers. The hook in the belt goes through the front of the strap which adds the throw (the distance from the chap to the hook) to the length of your belt.

D-ring/O-ring Buckle: D-ring and O-ring buckle In this type one or two rings make up the buckle. Belts are fastened by a thread through them. It is used with casual, braided, webbing, and canvas belts.

Micro Adjustable Buckle: This type of buckle uses a ratchet-style track system that requires a special type of strap. This is a kind of piece of metal that presses the ‘teeth’ of the track system into the strap. This type of belt requires no holes, it allows quick adjustments.

Automatic Buckle: Automatic Buckle It is comfortable, that’s why this type of buckle was made and people buy belts with this type of buckle according to their convenience, many types of automatic buckle straps are also designed according to them.It also had many types of buckles, whose names are as follows. Auto Press Buckle, Auto grip Buckle, Auto Lock Buckle, Automatic Latch Buckle, Automatic Locking Splice Buckle

Clip Buckle:  There are two main types of this type of buckle. 1- clip-on buckle, 2- clip-latch buckle Clip-on buckles can be snapped off by sliding the tail end of the belt through the loop on the back of the buckle, or to hold it in place. And in the clip-latch buckle, the protuberance at one end of the belt can be inserted into the other end and then the buckle can be closed to close the buckle.

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